Law Firm Marketing – The Ultimate Guide to Attorney Marketing Strategies


No business can succeed in their name or brand alone. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. 16 lawyers gather recently to go over different strategies that they have used in the past. The consensus from their meeting is that a lot of law firms do not get enough business because they focus on the wrong things.

“Too many lawyers are not focusing enough energy on authentically connecting with the client. That is why they do not bring in the business they need or desire. Law firms need to find a connection or the client is not going to hire them.”

Throughout their meeting, a lot of strategies were discussed.

Below you will find the top ten plans that stood out the most with the 16 lawyers.

1) Infrastructure

You need to find the right online presence for your firm. There is a site called “LawLytics.” Lawyers for lawyers design the website. It is a handy tool that has helped some of the best lawyers in their field become successful. The CEO spent ten years practicing as a lawyer before he turned to a career in marketing. Dan feels his personal and professional experience can help other lawyers get the success they want. Dan knows what is required.

2) Content Is Key

According to Dan, you should be providing valuable content. Law firms need to deliver useful text and imagery to find the audience they want. Everything will fall into place once you see the right words. You need to delegate someone who understands the law, the written word, and the internet to get the job done. Hiring anyone else is going to give you less of a stable outcome.

3) Do not Waste Money

Sometimes that can be hard to do. There is a lot of trial and error in the beginning. Sometimes you do need to break a few eggs to make an omelet. However, you need to learn from these mistakes. You need to be able to measure your success. Word of advice: You should not attempt it if you cannot stop it. Begin with something small. See how that goes. Progress takes time. You need to know what is working and why.

An Example:

Say you spend $100,000 on advertising. Four weeks go by, and you still do not know how to measure the results for accuracy. The chances are pretty good that you wasted your money right from the start. You need to come up with something more agreeable and trackable to find the results you need.

4) The Bills Are Paid

Sometimes you need to focus on the people who pay your bills. Trying something new is okay. However, sometimes those clients do not pan out. You need to work with the people you trust. Those are the people who regularly send you business and a monthly paycheck. Paying the bills is necessary. Keeping it simple is sometimes the best marketing strategy you have at your disposal.

FYI: You can use LawLytics to reference the clients who want to work with you. It is a great tool to make sure they are worth your time and investment.

5) Your References

Your references are not going to happen on their own. That is why you need to take the time to get to know the people you work with. The clients on your payroll trust you already, so that is not the issue. You need to work hard to establish trust with their references. Their references are not going to believe you because you tell them too simply. Sometimes a little confidence gives you everything you need.

6) Your Colleagues

Lawyers do not clock out when the clock strikes 5 PM. Lawyers work day and night in their profession. They go to dinners. They talk to people in the trade association. The wine and dine the clients. You cannot turn it off just because you need a break. You always need to be working the room and advertising yourself. You never know when you will meet someone who needs you.

7) No Cold Calling

No reputable law firm has ever had to make a cold call. You are doing something wrong if you are cold calling. It is similar to “ambulance chasing.” You should be able to build your law firm business as long as you have a warm concrete market to talk to.

You can also refer to a source: one400 attorney marketing guide for more information.

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