3 digital marketing trends law firms should watch out for

The world is changing so fast within the blink of our eyes. Uncertainty and unpredictability are creeping into industries, and the traditional mindset just won’t do. For law firms to adapt truly to the digital age, there needs to be a top-down shift in mindset. Strategically, such firms need to change instead of simply hiring tech professionals.

In this post, we look at the latest trends impacting digital marketing. These trend will impact how your brand is perceived by the new generation of consumers. Even shareholders are keeping a look out at how companies are inculcating trends into their organizations.

Perfect voice search algorithms

Typing a keywork into Google is becoming outdated. The next phase of search is going to be through voice search. As devices like Alexa (amazon) and Google Home (Google) become more prevalent and accessible to the everyday consumer, you need to be able to market yourself to these devices. How do you do it? Ensure that your value proposition ties in with your key consumer preferences. Understand your consumer as much as possible.

Have a chatbot

Chatbots are all the rage today. Any and every type of business is integrating chatbots to their front-end and back-end platforms. There is a substantially higher chance of users engaging with chatbots as opposed to bland email campaigns. Ensure that your chatbot is accurate by collecting and analyzing as many data points as possible. Make the engagement smooth and seamless.

Marketing through analytics

Law firms are sometimes infamous for relying too much on instincts and experiences of their legal partners. Statistics is secondary to these. However, in today’s world, data drives decisions and revenues. Law firms need to become more data-centric, and acquire and service clients based on analytical patterns.

Ensure that you are positioned to deal effectively with these trends. And if you think you aren’t, we are just a phone call away. Our tech-savvy team can ensure that you adapt without much difficulty.

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