Our Consulting Services

Depending on client category and price point, we offer different kinds of services to our clients. We cater to different client needs. If you want a top-down marketing strategy, we are there to assist. If you have the strategy more or less in place and would like assistance on certain functions, we are there as well.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is something that can attract genuine customers to your companies. Creating insightful, structured and validated content can have a viral effect when it comes to advertising. It is also considered an organic mode of marketing, and doesn’t involve heavy capital investments.

Search Engine Optimization and Digital analytics

We help set up the ideal SEO characteristics and features that you need. It is vital that your company fully understands and exploits the power of SEO. We also train your personnel on Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, plagiarism, crawling and so on, in addition to providing tools that facilitate this.

Strategy development – Premier package

This is our premier package, where we sit down with you and draft a full-fledged marketing plan for your firm. We assist in all aspects such as hiring, analytics, social media presence and online branding. Pricing can be one-time or made in fixed installments, as per your choice and situation.